Lyons Fine Foods: Loose Leaf Teas

There are no artificial flavours or colours added to any of our teas.

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Black Leaf Teas

Price: $55.00 / 500g
Size: 1kg or 500g

The traditional spiced tea from India. It is a black tea blended with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger & rose petals.

Darjeeling Himalaya
Price: $62.50 / 500g
Size: 500g

India. A finely balanced blend from diverse Darjeeling plantations.

Earl Grey
Price: $39.00 / 500g
Size: 1kg or 500g

Probably the most popular blend in the world. It is a black tea mixed with bergamot fruit oil

English Breakfast
Price: $23.50 / 500g
Size: 1kg or 500g

A classic black breakfast tea, blended to give strength, colour and character.

Irish Breakfast
Price: $46.50 / 500g
Size: 1kg or 500g

Similar to English breakfast tea but with extra Assam tea for a dark, strong flavour.

Orange Pekoe
Price: $60.00 / 500g
Size: 500g

Ceylon (Sri Lanka). A smooth, medium brew with a caramel aftertaste. Light and very agreeable.

Stockholm Blend
Price: $62.00 / 500g
Size: 500g

Black tea blended with orange peel, safflowers, calendula blossoms, rose petals, vanilla & apricot pieces.

Fruit Infusions

Just Peachy
Price: $35.00 / 250g
Size: 250 gm

Hibiscus, peach, apple, elder berries and sunflower petals to give you that taste of summer. Serve hot, or cold as an iced tea.

Raspberry Zing
Price: $35.00 / 250g
Size: 250 gm

A tropical flavour mix of hibiscus, rosehips, citrus peel, apple, raspberries and lemongrass. Serve hot, or cold as an iced tea

Summer Fruits
Price: $35.00 / 250g
Size: 250 gm

Hibiscus, apples, beetroot, blackberries, raspberries, elder berries, black & red currants, strawberries and blackberry leaves give this infusion a rich colour. Serve hot, or cold as an iced tea.

Green Leaf Teas

Price: $69.00 / 500g
Size: 500g

Japan. Long flat leaf, blended with brown rice & popped corn. A very popular Japanese flavoured green tea.

Japanese Lime
Price: $49.60 / 400g
Size: 800 or 400g

Green tea flavoured with lemon & lime peels and daisies. This is our most popular green tea.

Jasmine Monkey King
Price: $62.00 / 500g
Size: 500 gm

China. Wonderful Jasmine and full flavoured green tea.

Price: $40.80 / 400g
Size: 800 or 400g

Japan. A mild flavour coming from a coarse uneven leaf.

Herbal Infusions

Price: $26.00 / 200g
Size: 400 or 200g

Whole chamomile buds renowned for their calming effect. SHOULD BE KEPT IN FRIDGE OR COOLROOM.

Detox and Cleanse
Price: $79.50 / 500g
Size: 500g

Calendula, hibiscus, dandelion & elder flower, spearmint, ginger and lemongrass

Fitness (Budda Brew)
Price: $79.50 / 500g
Size: 500g

Lemongrass, rosehip, fennel, cardamom, p/mint, peppercorn, cloves and ginger

Ginger Kiss
Price: $54.00 / 250g
Size: 250 gm

Ginger roots, rosella & lemongrass. Serve hot in Winter to give a warm feeling inside.

Price: $20.00 / 200g
Size: 200g

A refreshing herbal drink, with a citrus like flavour. Serve hot or cold, as an iced tea.

Price: $25.00 / 250g
Size: 500 or 250g

A great after dinner digestive.

Tea Tips

1. Tea is best stored in a container away from sunlight.

2. Stock should be rotated and should be purchased as required. Freshness will always give a superior brew.

3. The correct measure for tea is a teaspoon per cup. In a teapot use two teaspoons in a two cup pot.

4. Certain teas and infusions are great served cold as an iced tea, very refreshing on a hot summer day.

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